Guidelines for Choosing the Best Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners for Your home

Probably you are confused or undecided on what type of vacuum cleaner to buy for use at your home. First of all, it is important to note that you won’t be buying the best vacuum for stairs cleaners each day.

You also do not what a home that is full of dust. This is the reason you should invest in buying a good quality product that will be able to clean your home over a long period of time.

Your lifestyle and personal expectations or requirements will greatly help you determine the most suitable vacuum for your home. There are a number of things that will greatly determine the type of hand held vacuum cleaners you will need for use in your home.

hand held vacuum cleaners
1.    Size of your home
If you have a bigger home then you will need to buy a larger vacuum cleaner. This should be preferably an upright vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning of your home.

On the other hand, if your home is small consider buying a cordless hand held vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum cleaner is light in weight and has a battery system that is rechargeable.

2.    Stairs
People living in houses that have several floors should consider a lightweight hand held vacuum cleaners. This will provide for easy movement from one floor to the other. A stick vacuum will be suitable to be used upstairs then have a canister vacuum cleaner downstairs. A canister vacuum may not be favorable moving with upstairs.

3.    Allergies
The principle of operation of a hand held vacuum cleaners is by drawing dust in and releasing exhaust air. Choosing a vacuum without a proper filter will spread the exhaust air which still has some dust all over. These may lead to you and your family being victims of allergic reactions due to the effect of dust.

It is therefore recommended you buy a vacuum that has a seal and a HEPA filter that traps all the dust in the machine. Such vacuums have HEPA certification. Cleaning or washing the filter after some time will also help with these allergies.

4.    Noise
There are people who are not comfortable with the loud noise produced by some vacuums or rather have such neighbors. There are vacuums that clean while producing no noise. Look at the vacuum specifications to see its decibel level.

These values are normally recorded at the head level of the hand held vacuum cleaners. If you can’t see or do not know asking the available salesman will help. A decibel level of between 60 and 65 is more appropriate. Such will not produce any noise.

5.    The overall design and attachments of the vacuum cleaner
The effectiveness and efficiency of a vacuum cleaner are not dependent on the ampere rating, horsepower or watts.

These only show the motor requirements. In order to determine the performance of a vacuum cleaner, then you need to look at the rate of airflow, the amount of suction produced and other attachments.
The attachments play an important role during vacuuming.

For instance, you will use the floor brush when cleaning a bare floor and the crevice tool when getting dust out of the drawers, vents and under large appliances.

Finally, you will use the dusting brush when removing dust from the blinds and lampshades. Carefully look at the attachments on the hand held vacuum cleaners and see if they satisfy all your home cleaning need before you buying it.

hand held vacuum cleaners

6.    How often you will need to vacuum
With the current lifestyle that is full of work and many other activities, most people are likely to vacuum their homes once or twice in a week.

However, there are areas in your home that will require vacuuming on a daily basis. You are the one to determine your own vacuuming schedule. If you have time to do it daily then choosing a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner is the best option.

If you are too busy to do it often, then consider a canister vacuum that uses a powerful motor. This will ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned each time you are vacuuming. You may also consider a powerful large upright vacuum. There are robot vacuums that are available.

They may help vacuum your home daily in case you can’t find time to do it yourself. You only need to program them and they will care for everything.

7.    Weight of the vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuums weigh much less compared to most canister vacuums. On the contrary, many upright vacuums are larger in terms of dimensions than the canister vacuums.

Buying a vacuum that is too heavy for you is the worst thing you can do. This will make it stressful and unhappy for you whenever you think of cleaning your home.

You should, therefore, consider buying a lighter-weight canister vacuum or an upright vacuum to make your work easier.

hand held vacuum cleaners
8.    Pet hair cleaning
You may be looking for a vacuum cleaner to help with your pet hair. First consider the attachments on the vacuum. You might need a special brush, wider openings among other features that are important in cleaning your pet. Also, consider the power rating of the vacuum.
9.    The floor surface of your home
There are homes that have different floor types. If you have such a home, then consider buying a vacuum that adapts to different types of floors. A canister vacuum which has a power head attached to it is appropriate for a multi-surface floor.

10.    Preference; A Bag or Bagless vacuum.
This is also an important factor you will need to consider as you buy your hand held vacuum cleaners. There are vacuums that use bags while others don’t.

For the bag fewer vacuums you are not required to buy any bag since they use filters that you will replace after some time. These filters are also often cleaned. The fact that you have to buy bags makes it expensive for you in case you decide to buy a bagged vacuum.

Bagged vacuum cleaners store the overall dirt which is later emptied into the dust bin. At the end of the day, your preference between the two is what will determine your choice.


Good housekeeping is crucial for every home. Choose the right vacuum cleaner that will suit your needs and general lifestyle. This is the first step in saving yourself the cost of replacing your vacuum every now and then. A vacuum that suits your needs and lifestyle will enable you enjoy cleaning your home as frequent as possible. Ensure you evaluate all the floor surfaces that will require cleaning and the frequency you will need to clean your home. Remember that you will always find a hand held vacuum cleaners that suits your needs.

Good housekeeping is very important for every home. Choose the right vacuum cleaner that will suit your needs and general lifestyle.